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Motivational Speaking

Elash Mistry is a totally blind person that has overcome many challenges and done some amazing things. He is about to qualify as an actuary. Once he qualifies, he will be the first blind actuary in South Africa, and one of just a few in the world. He is employed as an Actuarial Specialist at one of the largest insurers in South Africa.

Elash started the company Elash Mistry Motivational Speaking and Life Coaching in September 2012. His aim is to use this company as a vehicle to add value in people’s lives and change the world.  He uses his life story and many achievements to inspire people to get to where they want to be rather than being stuck where they are.

Elash offers his services to Corporates, schools, NGOs and Government Departments. He speaks at a wide range of functions including corporate events like year-end functions, team-building events and product launches, school awards functions and assemblies, fund-raising events at NGOs, and staff motivation sessions for state workers.

Apart from his life story, Elash uses powerful techniques based on neurolinguistic programming to change the mindset of people and get them in the right space to achieve their goals. His talks are humorous and very interactive.

To request a motivational talk by Elash Mistry, contact him directly.

Mobile: 060 5000 555
Tel: 011 432 8845
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.