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Motivation for Matrics

The designer of Motivation for Matrics, Elash Mistry, identified a fundamental flaw in the current formal education system in South Africa. In essence, the current system aims to educate learners through sources external to themselves like books, computers and formal teaching in a classroom. The system does little to address any difficulties that learners may be experiencing within themselves which can hamper the process of learning or shut them off completely. Some examples would be bad childhood experiences that led to mental blocks, poor living conditions, low self-esteem or even arrogance.

Motivation for Matrics is designed to make good the shortfall of our education system. The programme uses Life Coaching at a group or individual level to help learners unlock their true potential. With Life Coaching work, the base assumption is that learners know all the answers, it’s just a matter of uncovering them.

The work involves identifying obstacles and getting rid of them, setting goals and achieving them. The programme equips those participating with the means to overcome challenges using their inner strength, thereby taking complete control of any situation they face. This is a more sustainable solution as the resources are all within, readily accessible and unlimited in quantity.

What is Motivation for Matrics?

The final Matric Examination and the months building up to it are highly stressful times for learners, their parents and teachers. During this time, learners can easily be distracted or simply give up.  They lose sight of the goal as the body and mind go into panic mode.

If left to its own devices, stress can rob a learner of the opportunity to excel in the exams or even just to pass. The added anxiety from parents and teachers will not help the situation.

Unlike other motivational talks, stress management workshops and concentration and memory pills, Motivation for Matrics does not aim to manage stress.  Instead, the root causes of stress are tackled in order to eliminate stress completely. Once this is done, learners, parents and teachers are taken beyond the point where they are affected negatively by factors external to themselves.

How does it work?

Motivation for Matrics is offered as a ninety-minute workshop. This workshop is a group life coaching session.

For maximum results, the workshop will be scheduled for some time during the two months just before the final Matric Exams. This ensures that learners go into their final preparations with the mindset required for outstanding performance.

During the workshop, every participant will rise above any limiting beliefs, break through the barriers of their comfort zone and take ownership of the outcomes they want to achieve. They will also be equipped with techniques to remain motivated and successfully overcome those moments of weakness when they are most challenged.

Motivation for Matrics sessions are designed to get people involved, support each other and commit themselves to apply what they learn so that they may achieve their goals. Each participant will be provided with a workbook in which they will record what they learn. This becomes a personalised source of self-motivation after the workshop. Once completed by the participant, the contents of the workbook will instantly revive the participant’s memory and bring back all they’ve learnt at the workshop at any time in the future.

In summary, Motivation for Matrics is a holistic programme designed to have long-lasting results. It is the ideal solution for learners to excel in Matric.

Who should attend?

As the programme adopts a holistic approach to excelling in Matric, Grade 9 to Grade 12 learners, their parents and teachers are encouraged to attend together. Far more can be achieved in a shorter space of time if learners, teachers and parents work as a team rather than as separate individuals.

Even though the workshop is primarily aimed at Matriculants, learners from Grade 9 to 11 would also benefit immensely from attending this workshop. In fact, the earlier learners attend the workshops and master what is taught, the better off they will be by the time they get to Matric.

Who facilitates the programme?

The programme is facilitated by Elash Mistry, a powerful motivational speaker and certified Life Coach. At this stage, Elash works mainly with learners from Grades 9 to 12.

Elash is totally blind and has overcome many obstacles on the road to success. He is currently employed as an Actuarial Specialist at one of the largest insurers in South Africa.  He is married and has three children.

Elash passed Matric with distinction at the Arthur Blaxall School in Pietermaritzburg. He obtained a Bachelor of Economic Science degree at the University of the Witwatersrand, majoring in Actuarial Science and Economics. Elash uses his life story and successes to prove to people that they have unlimited potential.  He helps people to overcome barriers and achieve their goals no matter how big or small.

What does it cost?

The programme is priced in a way to encourage maximum participation from learners, parents and teachers. Take note of the highly discounted packages on offer.

There are two categories of tickets, namely:

•    VIP - exclusively for learners - priced at R350 each
•    General - for teachers, parents and other family members - priced at R150 each

Discounted family package:
•    1 VIP ticket and 2 General tickets
•    Price: R450

Super discounted special launch offer:
•    4 VIP tickets and 10 General tickets
•    Price: R1,500

Who to contact:

For further discussion or arrangements to host an event, please contact:

Elash Misty
Mobile: 060 5000 555
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.