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Elash Mistry Motivational Speaker and Life Coach

Elash Mistry is a totally blind person

He chose to challenge the odds and become highly successful. His secret to success is his ability to draw from the wealth of resources within himself in order to rise above any situation. Elash believes that every person has unlimited potential and can achieve anything they want to if they have someone to teach them this secret and show them how it can work for them. His mission and vision is to change the world by changing one person at a time.

Elash is a motivational speaker and life coach

He inspires people to realise their dreams and become truly happy. He uses his life story and achievements as a blind person to show people that to be truly successful one has to start by focussing within oneself. Apart from inspiring people to be successful, Elash helps them to get past the obstacles that prevent them from realising their dreams and living the life they want to rather than the one they have to.

Elash firmly believes that inspiring people to be successful is only part of the solution

The rest of the answer lies in showing them how to be successful and supporting them until they are strong enough to rely on the resources within themselves to reach their goal. In his opinion, many of the global challenges we face today can be overcome if people learn to find true happiness by first looking within themselves rather than everywhere else.